Benefits of Boiler Maintenance Services

Whether you believe it or not, it’s common to forget boiler installation at the right place, so you don’t have the aftermath of repair and maintenance to go with. The best thing to heed here is the boiler repairs with the best measures, especially quality maintenance, in a smarter way. The benefit of boiler repair […]

What Are The Helpful Tips to Hire the Best Heatpump Installers Near Me?

If you want the amazing result possible and maximum value for your money, you must hire the best heatpump installers near me. The performance of your heat pump is as good as the quality of the heatpump installers you hire. As a result, leave no stone unturned to get the best heat pump installation company. […]

How to Qualify for Heatpump Rebates BC?

If you want to get access to heatpump rebates BC, there are requirements you must satisfy. You can get up to $7,000 rebates if you install a heatpump in Canada. Being eligible for up to $7,000 in combined rebates required changing your existing electric heating system to a heat pump – BC Hydro ($2000) and […]

Heatpump vs Furnace – Making the Best Choice

When it comes to choosing between a heatpump and furnace, it could be confusing. However, to make the best choice possible, you need information about the two products to make an informed decision. For a better understanding of the two appliances, read further. What Are They? Heat Pump A heat pump uses electricity to transfer […]

What are the requirements for Heat pump installation?

There are requirements for heat pump installation that must be complied with. The following are essential requirements you must pay attention to before installing your heat pump: 1. House Energy Rating The energy rating of a house is also called the EPC rating. An EPC provides statistics on the energy usage of a house, the […]

How Much Does a Heat pump cost in Vancouver?

You can have an idea of the heat pump cost in Vancouver to enable you to make an informed decision. The different categories of heat pump costs based on capacity or specifications are discussed below. However, it is noteworthy that the size of a heat pump is important when considering the cost of installation. The […]

Heat Pump Installation – Factors to Consider

Are you planning heat pump installation? Do you want to know the crucial information necessary for the installation of the appliance? Do not stress out; read further. Apart from heat pump cost, it is crucial to pay attention to some factors that are essential for heat pump installation. It is critical to meet these requirements […]

How to Choose an Aircondition Installation Company

Choosing an experienced and reputable aircondition installation company is as crucial as purchasing the right airconditioner for your home or space. Hiring the right installer can make a whole lot of difference to the efficiency of an airconditioner. When you want to install an AC in your home, there are factors you need to consider […]

Essential Maintenance Tips to Reduce Airconditioner Repair Cost

Maintaining an airconditioner is as important as purchasing and installing it to continue to enjoy the cool breeze in your home after a hot day. To prevent your AC from needing regular repairs, you need to maintain it regularly. Maintenance is not as costly as frequent repairs because AC repairs can cost a lot of […]

A Guide to Choosing Airconditioner Size Using Room Size

Follow this guide to select a suitable airconditioner size for your room, based on its size. Read more: 1. Room Type: Bedroom, small kitchen, study Room Size: Up to 20m² AC Capacity: 2 – 2.5kW 2. Room Type: Bedroom with an ensuite, small lounge Room Size: 20 – 40m² AC Capacity: 2.5 – 5kW 3. […]

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Central Air Conditioner

Are you taking the time to consider all factors before purchasing something? Are you weighing the pros and cons before you buy an item? If you don’t know the answer, it is time to start looking at all aspects of an item before making a purchase. It is important to research the details before purchasing […]

What Factors Determine Aircondition installation cost

When it comes to determining the aircondition installation cost, several factors play crucial roles. You may be asking: “How much is the aircondition installation cost?” Do not stress out; you should read further to know the factors that determine the aircondition installation cost. Follow this guide to select a suitable airconditioner size for your room, […]

What Are The Best Air Conditioners Brands

When it comes to installing the right type of air conditioner in your home in Canada, you should choose the best airconditioner to get the best value for your money. The airconditioner you choose will determine the comfort level of your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and basement. That is why selecting the best airconditioner for […]

What Aircondition Size Do I Need?

If you want to get the best performance and maximum value for your airconditioner, you must install the right size of airconditioner in your home. Doing this will help you reduce energy use and save money. Certain factors are essential to choose the right size of airconditioner, here are the crucial factors that determine the […]

Type of AC System

Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes, models and options, and lots more. There are central airconditioners and heat pumps, all of which have different cost implications. The aircondition installation cost for the airconditioner in your home will be determined by the type of AC you want to install. Besides, the price of installing […]

The Wall’s Strength to Hold the Air Conditioner

The wall of the house must be strong enough to hold the indoor unit split air conditioner. In the situation whereby the wall is not strong, the stalled indoor unit could fall from the wall, which can damage not only the casing but also the functionality of the air conditioner. Consequently, the wall must be […]

Size of Equipment

Another important factor that determines the aircondition installation cost is the size of the equipment. Before going ahead to install an airconditioner in your home, the size of the home or space to be cooled must be considered to choose an AC that can cool your home successfully and without hassles. Installing an airconditioner with […]

Proper Placement of Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of the split airconditioner must be installed on a firm and flat surface. The essential components of the airconditioner, such as the condenser, compressor, and fan motor are contained in the outdoor unit. Given this, the outdoor will vibrate vigorously if not installed on a flat surface. Excess vibration of the unit […]

Energy Efficiency of the Unit

Another crucial factor that determines the aircondition installation cost is the airconditioner’s energy efficiency. You can determine a unit’s energy efficiency level by considering the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which ranges from 13 to 28. The higher the number of SEER ratings, the more the aircondition installation cost will be. Meanwhile, keep in mind […]

Ductless or Mini Split Mitsubishi

Mini split Mitsubishi is one of the best air conditioners brands in Canada. It is an efficient airconditioning unit for your home. Ductless Mitsubishi airconditioners are super reliable and ecofriendly. The high level of efficiency of mini split Mitsubishi airconditioners enhances the home’s comfort with zero emissions and low utility bills. “Mini split” refers to […]

Correct Location of the Outdoor Unit

Both indoor and outdoor units must not be installed in locations of direct sunlight. The outdoor unit should be installed in an open space away from direct sunlight. Also, the outdoor unit should be free from hindrances to allow its heat to be properly dissipated from the condenser.

Correct Installation Height From The Floor

Another requirement for airconditioner installation new me, especially for the indoor unit is ensuring that the air conditioner is installed at a height of 7 to 8 feet above the ground. This will guarantee adequate cooling of the room because it will be higher than any standing object in the room. Nothing will be able […]

Correct Indoor Unit’s Tilt Angle

When fixing the aluminum bracket on the wall for hanging the AC indoor unit, the bracket should be tilted appropriately. The right tilt angle will ensure that the split AC’s indoor unit when fitted will run efficiently and allow the condensed water to flow unhindered from the drain pipe.

Correct Distance Better Indoor and Outdoor Units

For effective cooling, keeping the correct distance between the indoor and outdoor units is essential. The distance between the indoor and outdoor units should be kept as minimal as possible for efficient cooling because there is an unavoidable loss of cooling when the refrigerant flows between the units. The distance between the two units should […]

Company Hired for The Installation

The installer hired to install this airconditioner is very crucial, and it will determine the efficiency and performance of the installed unit, regardless of its level of energy efficiency. The company’s expertise makes a difference. The factors discussed above will unarguably determine the aircondition installation cost. However, contact Central Commercial and Residential for expert services […]

Central Aircondition Lennox

Central Aircondition Lennox offers one of the best performances in the industry. It is one of the quietest and most energy-efficient central airconditioners in the Canadian market. Lennox delivers precise and adequate comfort, giving you total control over the indoor comfort in your home. It functions optimally with little adjustments in airflow to keep the […]

Appropriate Spacing Between The AC Unit and Wall

The rule of thumb is that no fewer than 15 cm of open gap or space should be allowed between the AC unit and the wall. This is crucial to allow adequate and proper airflow into the AC. The gap will allow air to flow into the AC unit for cooling the home.