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Boiler Repairing Services

Boilers circulate hot water throughout your home using baseboard units and a network of tubing. They can be complicated at times, which requires professional technicians to handle. Our team of certified technicians repair all brands of boilers, no matter how complex they are. The following are some repair examples:

  • Replacement of the heat exchanger
  • Calibrate the temperature and time controls inside the boiler
  • Replacement of the motorized valves or the zones valves
  • Inspection of the leakages, parts, and breakdowns
  • Replacement of fire and water tubes
  • Weld repairs
  • Repair flow passage, vessel section, tube sheet, pipe head

Our boiler repair services are affordable and our quotes include replacement parts and labor costs. There are no hidden costs.

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Boiler Installation Services & Startup

Boilers are essential during fall and winter seasons. And it is important to maintain them throughout the year. If your heating system is no longer able to meet the needs of your house, you should think about boiler replacement. Some signs that your boiler requires a replacement are:

  • The water temperature fluctuates
  • Loud or odd noises coming from the boiler
  • Leakage
  • Aged 10 or more years
  • Unexplained increases in your electric bill
  • Frequent breakdowns or malfunctions

Our professional team is determined and trained to help you decide whether to repair your current unit or to install a new one. We will provide a FREE On-Site Estimate and guide you in selecting a boiler model that meets your budget and living standard.

Commercial Boiler Installation, Repair, Maintenance Services


Regular maintenance on boiler is critical in preventing unnecessary repairs. Our 24-point maintenance checklist includes:

  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners
  • Check water pressure relief valve, expansion tank, and piping
  • Examine vent connector and venting system
  • Clean both interior and exterior of boiler
  • Check for elevated carbon monoxide levels
  • Final test and checkup to ensure machine is running smoothly

Our exceptional services will assure your satisfaction and bring comfort to your home. Please contact us at 604-401-4848 or toll free 1-844-401-4848 for 24/7 service or a consultation session.