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GWB8-IE Boiler
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GWB8-E Boiler

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GSB8-E Boiler

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Repairing Services

Boilers are deemed to be very complicated and need to be left to the pros when it comes to maintenance. Therefore if you are thinking of repairing your boilers then here at Central Commercial and Residential we do offer the best services that you can consider. Boilers do circulate water throughout your home using the baseboard units or other tubings. This is what gives your house some warmth during the cold periods. Our team of certified technicians can handle any gas or oil boiler. They are equipped with the right knowledge that is vital in making them be successful in any repair that they are handling. We do repair all the brands of boilers no matter how complex the situation might be. The following are some of the repair services that we do offer on our online platform;

  • Replacement of the heat exchanger
  • Calibrating the temperature and timing controls that are inside the boiler
  • Replacement of the motorized valves or the zone valves
  • Inspection of the leakages or any breakdowns in the boiler.
  • Replacement of fire and water tubes
  • Wield repairs
  • Repairing the following parts vessel section, tube sheet, and pipe header.

Our services are quite affordable and the quote that you do submit will always include the replacement parts, VAT and also the labor costs. I would like to assure you that we do not have any hidden costs on our services.

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Boiler Installation Services.

Boilers are quite essential when it comes to keeping rooms very warm in cozy especially during the winter season. At Central Commercial and Residential services, we do have professional and knowledgeable boiler installer who will perform the boiler installation at an affordable cost. Our full range site installation services are designed to support our customer in fulfilling their dreams. Our technician will provide you with an informed guideline for those who would wish to purchase and install a new boiler. This is critical in ensuring that you select the right model that will meet all of your property needs and budget. With the numerous accumulated experience, our experts will guide you on whether you purchase a replacement or make some necessary repairs on your current boiler. Some of the important signs that will make you purchase a new boiler include;

  • Owning an older unit that has undergone several repairs for the past year.
  • A boiler that makes a lot of noise which is not repairable
  • A boiler that makes a lot of noise which is not repairable

Boiler Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your boiler is very critical when it comes to preventing unnecessary repairs and replacement. We do have a scheduled boiler maintenance plan that you need to take advantage of. Our boiler maintenance services involve carrying out an inspection to ensure that the boiler has the right sound, the filters are working in good condition and lastly, no parts need to be replaced. If you are looking for quality and an expertise boiler services that you can entrust then you have landed at the right platform. We are known all throughout Burnaby and our client’s testimonial tells it all.