Central Aircondition Lennox

Central Aircondition Lennox offers one of the best performances in the industry. It is one of the
quietest and most energy-efficient central airconditioners in the Canadian market. Lennox
delivers precise and adequate comfort, giving you total control over the indoor comfort in your
home. It functions optimally with little adjustments in airflow to keep the indoor temperature at
the desired levels.
Central Aircondition Lennox comes with 23.5 to 26 SEER, indicating its high energy efficiency that
will undoubtedly help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run on utility costs. With Lennox
having an ENERGY STAR certificate, you may qualify for tax credits, local utility rebates and
federal energy rebates. This is the most energy-efficient central AC in the industry. Besides,
Central aircondition Lennox comes with a long-lasting warranty. It is good to know that Lennox
unit can cost from. $2000 to $4000 plus installation fees, based on the size of the home.