Furnace Installation Vancouver

A furnace creates a warm and comfortable environment at home and at work. Our company offers professional furnace installation, furnace maintenance, and furnace repair services, both residential and commercial.

Our services revolve around the installation of new furnaces or replacement of existing units. Before choosing a furnace for your home, it is better to consult with HVAC professionals as furnaces are categorized by how they operate and distribute heat throughout your home. Scroll down to find out more.


  • A high-efficiency gas furnace converts up to 96% of fuel into usable heat
  • Runs at 100% capacity at all time
  • Operates quietly and efficiently with its multi-speed blower motor
  • It is either on and running at full capacity or entirely off
  • It functions by sending powerful flows of warm air when the surrounding temperature drops, and only stops when the set temperature is met
  • Lower cost to purchase


  • A high-efficiency gas furnace converts up to 98% of fuel into usable heat
  • Reduces temperature swings and may help lower your heating bills
  • Fewer stops and starts of air flowing; reduces wear on components and increases their life span
  • Runs quietly and distributes evenly warm air to your home with its variable-speed fan motor
  • Longer run times, which keeps air circulating longer, improving your indoor air quality


  • Creates heat at 2 different levels which can balance energy use and comforting warmth
  • Adjustable air flow speed
  • Variable-speed air flow prevents blasts of warm air when the system is activated
  • With an efficiency rating up to 96% AFUE, it can potentially reduce your electric bill

Heating Services

We are always pride in placing our customers first before anything else. This is what enables us to offer the best services when it comes to heating services. Our services revolve around the installation of new furnaces or repair of the existing unit. Investing in a heating system for both commercial and residential purposes is not a simple decision cause it comes along with long-term impacts on the comforts, energy bills etc.


Before installing a brand-new furnace, we encourage clients to contact our HVAC professionals for consultation on the brand, the cost, and the efficiency of the furnace that fits your need. Our furnace installation services feature carefully sizing of the furnace equipment, verifying the condition of the ductwork and insulation, and providing relevant answers to questions related to furnaces and heat pumps.

We provide a FREE On-Site Estimate to install your new natural gas high-efficiency furnace. Need a new Furnace installation today? Or consultation on a new furnace?

Please contact us at (604)-401-4848 or toll free 1-(844)-401-4848 for 24/7 service or a consultation session.


Each year a furnace runs, it accumulates wear and tear from the strain of working and from dust and dirt. We encourage our clients to do yearly maintenance on their furnace as it will maintain a longer life span of the system and prevent extra cost on repairs, as well as, continuously bringing warm air and a cozy environment to your home. Our 24-point inspection addresses any potential issues in your furnace system, and includes:

  • Check and replace air filters
  • Check electrical connection and wires
  • Ensure that various connections are in place, including the vent connector and flue pipe that vents gaseous byproducts
  • Examine pipe fitting and gas supply line
  • Clean other parts of furnace, including blower assembly, belts, fans, and pulleys
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks or corrosions
  • Perform final and complete inspection of the system and machinery

Furnace Repair Services

No matter where you bought or o matter how complex the issue will is we will always be there on time to repair your furnace. We are famously known for repairing over 100 brands of furnaces both electric and gas furnace. Some of the potential issues that have been solved by our own technicians include

  • Faulty pilot lights.
  • A thermostat that requires calibration
  • A capacitor that starts faulty Heat control problems
  • A faulty wire
  • An electrical system that has been damaged by water