How to Qualify for Heatpump Rebates BC?

If you want to get access to heatpump rebates BC, there are requirements you must satisfy. You can get up to $7,000 rebates if you install a heatpump in Canada.
Being eligible for up to $7,000 in combined rebates required changing your existing electric heating system to a heat pump – BC Hydro ($2000) and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant ($5,000). Here are some of the ways to qualify for heatpump rebates:

1. Choose a rebate-eligible product. When replacing your electrical heater work a heat pump, it is crucial to choose from rebate-eligible products. Your chosen product must be listed. install a heatpump to replace an existing forced-air furnace, radiant ceiling, or electric baseboards.

2. Choose a heatpump that is correctly sized to function as the primary heating system for the entire home.

3. The primary heating system must be capable of heating at least 50 percent of the hone for the entire heating season to 21 degrees Celsius.

4. Your home must be eligible for rebates, and it must be at least 12 months old. It must be one of the following residential buildings:

single-family detached home
a mobile home fixed permanently on a foundation with towing apparatus and axle removed
a side-by-side row home or townhouse or side-by-side or stacked duplex with utility accounts

5. Electricity must be the primary energy used to heat the house. Such homes use heat pumps, electric baseboards, electric radiant ceiling or floors, or electric forced-air furnace. The electricity usage in your home must meet the minimum requirement.

6. You must know the square footage of your home as well as know your BC Hydro account number.