Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater


Installation Services
If you are ready to begin enjoying the benefits of switching off to new tankless water then you should not hesitate to call Central gas Services. We have the best technicians that are highly trained and qualified to handle both repairs and installation of the tankless water heaters. During the installation process, the installer will always protect your home with a drop cloth when performing the installation. The tankless water heater has a different mechanism of operating than the traditional water heaters which make it an efficient option for your home. The tankless water heaters they do have a heating element that instantly heats the water through the pipes all the way to the sinks or bathtubs.

Advantages of the tankless water heaters

  • The tankless water heaters have got various advantages as compared to the conventional water heaters. One of the major benefits that should make you go for the tankless water heaters is the fact that they are energy savers.
  • Tankless water heaters do not run all day, they only run when required.
  • Tankless waters heaters do provide a consistent supply of hot water. They do not accumulate a lot of scales and debris since water does not sit on the tanks.
  • Durability and longevity
  • Saved space
  • Reduced water waste
  • An endless supply of hot water.
    Durability and maintenance.
    The tankless water heaters units are designed and built to be very durable. When compared to the conventional water heaters they do require less maintenance since they are less susceptible to scale. An average unit lasts for between 10-15 years through one unit can even last you up to 20 years as long as you maintain the correct care and maintenance.

Repair Services.

Our certified technicians are quite familiar with the common problems that do come with tankless water heaters. When it comes to making the right decision regarding your tankless water heater then we do have a team of technicians that will help you in making the right decisions. In case you wake up to an ice-cold shower then it’s a high time you need to allow central gas services to bring back that heat to your bathroom again. We do have professional hydronic experts who specialize in the tankless water heater repairs. We do assure you that your faulty water heater will be efficiently repaired thanks to our advanced repairing equipment and experienced technicians who are committed to high-quality services.

We do not only offer to repair services but we also offer tankless water heater maintenance services. This is where we get rid of overtime sediment build up. During the inspection, the following will be performed;

  • Inspection of the manifold pressure
  • Cleaning of the high-pressure relief valve
  • Inspection of the electrical connections
  • Inspection of leaks in the joints
  • Ensuring that the valves are not leaking.
  • Inspection of the circulation pump.