Top Tips to Identify the Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Maintenance is vital if you have a boiler in your home or business. Still, many people don’t stop to think about their boiler until an issue arises. Whether it’s strange noises from your boiler or high energy bills, it’s best to know the signs of boiler malfunction. This can help you streamline the boiler repair process and avoid excess expenses. 

Let’s discuss some excellent tips to help identify the signs of boiler malfunction so you can call a professional to inspect. 

Watch for These Signs You Need to Call a Boiler Repair Expert

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Acting quickly can limit damage and reduce repair costs if your boiler malfunctions. Here are some tips to help you identify common boiler issues:

  • Listen for strange noises coming from your boiler. Banging, ticking, vibrating, or knocking can indicate something is wrong. 
  • Check your pressure gauge regularly to ensure it remains within the normal range. If you don’t know how to check your gauge, ask a boiler repair expert to show you during your appointment. 
  • Keep a close eye on your heating bill. If you’re using more energy than usual and your bill changes, this could mean your boiler has a problem. 
  • Many boiler issues are caused by flickering pilot lights. If your light goes out completely, your boiler will stop working. Contact the professionals immediately if this happens. 
  • If you notice any leaks around your boiler, you’ll want to call a boiler repair company immediately for help. Acting quickly can help rectify minor issues and prevent the need for complete boiler replacement. 

Many Boilers Display Error Codes 

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Today’s advanced technology has allowed great strides in the heating and air conditioning industry. Most boilers use error codes to provide valuable insight to boiler repair experts. Reading these codes helps identify the exact issue and speed up the troubleshooting and repair process. Of course, boiler repair codes aren’t straightforward to the average person. You’ll want to call in the professionals to avoid more significant damage from DIY repair efforts. 

Common Boiler Faults

Quality boilers are built to last for several years. Still, any appliance can develop faults, especially as they age. Faulty boiler issues range from a pilot light going out unexpectedly to a complete system failure. If your boiler stops working and you can’t get heat or hot water, contact a professional boiler repair company immediately for help. 

Learn to Check Your Pressure Gauge

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Checking the pressure gauge is easier than it sounds, and even those who aren’t handy can learn to do so. Of course, a quality boiler won’t require you to check the gauge regularly. Still, knowing what to look for to help avoid significant problems is good. Changes in pressure can indicate many issues, including a leak or performance issue. Periodically checking your pressure gauge can help you save money on repairs. Just ask! One of our boiler repair experts can easily show you how to check your pressure gauge. 

Leaks Are Never Good!

Faulty boilers can significantly stress home and business owners, primarily when a leak occurs. It can damage your property and is typically a clear indication of a more significant issue. If you notice any water around your boiler, immediately contact a professional repair company for help. The faster you act, the more likely you’ll be able to save your boiler before a total replacement is needed. 

Contact Our Boiler Repair Experts for Support with All Makes and Models

An issue with your boiler can limit your heat and hot water and create a headache for your home or business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for fast and affordable repairs. We’re here to help home and business owners avoid costly expenses and maintain their systems for years.