What Factors Determine Aircondition installation cost

When it comes to determining the aircondition installation cost, several factors play crucial roles.
You may be asking: “How much is the aircondition installation cost?” Do not stress out; you
should read further to know the factors that determine the aircondition installation cost.

Follow this guide to select a suitable airconditioner size for your room, based on its size. Read

1. Room Type: Bedroom, small kitchen, study
Room Size: Up to 20m²
AC Capacity: 2 – 2.5kW

2. Room Type: Bedroom with an ensuite, small lounge
Room Size: 20 – 40m²
AC Capacity: 2.5 – 5kW

3. Room Type: Large bedroom, large kitchen, mid-sized lounge
Room Size: 40 – 60m²
AC Capacity: 4 – 6kW

4. Room Type: Open-plan areas, large lounges
Room Size: 60+m²
AC Capacity: 5 – 9kW

Verdict: Size matters when choosing the right airconditioner size for your space. Do the correct
calculation to determine the size of your room and choose the corresponding AC size as
mentioned above.

Choosing an undersized airconditioner or a bigger airconditioner is not the best decision as the
performance of the AC will not be at the optimal level. That is why choosing the right AC size for
the room size is the way to go.