Daikin Mini Split

24000 BTU Aurora Series Ductless Multi Zone Inverter Heat Pump & Air Condition.
  • Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation: can reduce sound levels by 3dB for times when quieter operation is needed.
  • Auto-Restart mode: Allows the unit to memorize the operation mode, airflow and temperature settings. Should there be a power failure when the unit is in operation, it will automatically return to the same operating conditions when the power is restored.
  • Optimized drain pan: Newly designed drain pan on outdoor unit to help prevent condensate from freezing and causing damage to the fan and coil.
  • Up to 100% Heating capacity at 5°F / -15°C
  • Up to 100% Cooling capacity at 104°F /40°C
3MXS24JVJU outdoor condenser unit for use in building a multi-zone mini split system.
  • This condenser supports up to three indoor units operating simultaneously, allowing you to build the ideal system type to fit your home’s specific needs.
  • A broad range of accessories are availabile to add to your system as well, which when combined with Daikin’s extensive experience with building efficient units provides a solution to any home’s heating and cooling needs.
The Daikin AURORA multi-zone heat pump system is a flexible solution for individual zone comfort.
  • Designed for living: Solutions for hot and cold climates
  • Individual comfort and control
  • Energy Efficient – Up to 21.7 SEER / Up to 11.2 HSPF /Up to 12.5 EER for ultra-efficient cooling and heating operation and reduced operating costs compared to conventional lower-efficiency systems
  • Advanced Filtration – Long life, washable filters
  • Enhanced Capacity – Delivers up to 100% nominal cooling capacity at 115°F / 46°C
208/230/1 Power Supply. Self Diagnostics with Digital Display.
  • Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger
  • Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation
  • Auto Changeover
  • Auto Restart after Power Failure
  • Self Diagnostics with Digital Display

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