Heatpump vs Furnace – Making the Best Choice

When it comes to choosing between a heatpump and furnace, it could be confusing. However, to make the best choice possible, you need information about the two products to make an informed decision. For a better understanding of the two appliances, read further.

What Are They?
Heat Pump
A heat pump uses electricity to transfer heat pulled from the outdoor air to the home interior. It can function to generate cooling and heating which is why it doubles as airconditioner and heater.

A furnace generates warm air by burning fossil fuels and then distributing it throughout the home. Due to using fuel, a furnace blows much warmer air than a heat pump. Furnaces have 4 major components: burner, heat exchanger, blower, and a flue that acts as the exhaust. Unlike heat pumps that use electricity, furnaces use gas or oil.

Their Benefits
Heat Pump Benefits
1. More energy-efficient than conventional furnaces
2. Easy to install and runs quietly
3. Doubles as air conditioner and heater
4. Eco-friendly by not producing carbon monoxide (CO)

Furnace Benefits
1. Cheaper than heat pumps
2. Less maintenance and repair needs
3. Blows warmer air than heat pumps

Major Concerns
Heat Pumps Concerns
1. They produce less heat compared to furnaces, and may not be best if you need a massive supply of warm air to keep your home warm.
2. They may not be effective during freezing temperatures because they use the air from the outside.
3. They may use a lot of energy.

Furnaces Concerns
1. Not as energy-efficient as heatpumps
2. When installed, homes need a separate unit for air conditioning but heat pumps are two-in-one devices.

Heat Pump Vs. Furnace
If you live in a region that experiences mild winters, HEAT PUMP is the best.
If you intend to replace your air conditioner, a heat pump is the best option because it can double as both.
A heat pump is best for you if you have short cold winters where you live.

If you experience long, cold winters with temperatures falling below freezing point, choose a Furnace.
If you need much warmer air indoors, choose a Furnace.

From the above, you can make an informed decision. However, installing heatpumps Canada seems to be the best option if you consider energy efficiency and cost savings in the long run.