What are the requirements for Heat pump installation?

There are requirements for heat pump installation that must be complied with. The following are essential requirements you must pay attention to before installing your heat pump:

1. House Energy Rating
The energy rating of a house is also called the EPC rating. An EPC provides statistics on the energy usage of a house, the average energy prices, and the guidelines for reducing energy use and saving money. An EPC rates energy efficiency value from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. The rating remains valid for 10 years

2. Space Required for The Heat Pump
Based on the type of heat pump chosen, each ton of cooling and heating energy required needs from 400 to 600 feet of loops. As a result, a 3-ton device converts to about 1,800 feet, which is expected from a typical home.
The external unit of a domestic air source heat pump is around the size of a washing machine and can be placed wherever there is a good, free flow of air. Heat pump installation on pitched roofs is not allowed. All sections of the heat pump must be at least one meter from the outside edge of the roof if the heat pump will be installed on a flat roof.

3. Building Regulations
According to the government regulations and provisions, homeowners do not require a planning permission application to carry out ground source heat pump installation as it is considered permitted development. Also, water source heat pump installation and air source heat pump installation is allowed by the government. However, the conditions below must be satisfied:

1. Only one air source heat pump installation is allowed. Additional installation requires a planning permission application.
2. The heat pump installation must be carried out on a flat surface, whether on a flat roof or the ground. If raised above the ground, it must be at least 1m from the edge of the elevation.
3. The heat pump installation must meet the planning standards requirements.
4. The air source heat pump must be used ONLY for heating.
5. The outdoor compressor unit volume of the air source heat pump must not exceed 0.6m³.
6. The placement of the heat pump should not affect the exterior appearance of the building.

The requirements must be met before carrying out heat pump installation. To ensure clarity and compliance, contact Central Commercial and Residential for guidance and help.